Graphic Design
First impressions are everything

In numerous industries, up to 80% of customers or clients will visit a company’s website before going to the physical location in person.
That’s why in the 21st Century, your website is your store front… and first impressions are the most important.

Countless studies show that you have about three seconds to draw visitors in and keep their attention. If you can’t do that in three seconds or less, they’ll bounce out of your site and surf somewhere else.

Graphic design is what attracts visitors and keeps them around. Yes, text is important. But further studies have shown that web surfers do very little actual reading. They more or less scan the page to pick details out of the text.

That’s why graphic design is so vital. And that’s why Novitas Marketing only employs genuine artists who’ve studied at traditional fine art institutions and are experts in the fields of aesthetics, illustration, eye-trail, color harmony, tone, texture, and more.

Novitas is a fully-fledged design studio. We create logos, websites, multimedia, marketing collateral, posters, billboards, print advertising and anything you can imagine that requires premium-grade computer graphics.
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