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An arrow flies blind without a target

No matter how beautifully designed your website is, no one will know it’s there unless you promote.

There are many ways to do this, known collectively as e-marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

There’s over 100 million websites on the internet, yet the top 100 thousand most visited websites garner 90% of the income that’s generated online. So increasing your rankings in the search engines is internet business survival 101.

Another fact: Google has the market cornered with more that 60% of web surfers using their search engine. That’s why it’s vital to get your website onto page one. There is no silver bullet to search engine marketing. Each business, industry and website is different and needs a tailor-made strategy to reach that goal.

How long it takes to reach page one depends on a company’s commitment to getting there, the resources it is willing to expend, and the competition it faces. That said, Novitas can provide case histories of websites we’ve marketed, and that have successfully risen to the highest rankings.

The effort is well worth it. Some companies have dropped their traditional advertising methods, such as print catalogs, postcards and mailing campaigns, because they are inefficient and expensive compared to our proven e-marketing techniques.

While other internet marketing companies rarely live up to their promises or obligations, Novitas delivers. Not only that, we don’t charge the earth, either. Our e-marketing costs are affordable and fair, considering the expertise of our staff and the ROI potential for your company once it climbs the search ladder.

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